Orlando Health Care Providers Tackle Rising Syphilis Cases

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In a recent report by Katie Streit, the alarming rise of syphilis cases in Central Florida has been highlighted, with the Florida Department of Health noting a near doubling of cases from 2018 to 2022. Orange County, in particular, reported over 1,800 cases in 2022, ranking it sixth in the state for syphilis rates. Amidst this concerning trend, Bliss Health in Orlando has taken a proactive step by investing in advanced testing technologies to combat the spread of this sexually transmitted disease.

Bliss Health is the only facility in Central Florida equipped with the AIX1000 RPR analyzer, a cutting-edge machine that significantly speeds up the testing process. It allows for quicker results and the ability to analyze more tests simultaneously. Wendy Nunez, a key figure at Bliss Health, emphasized the importance of rapid testing. She explained that traditional lab tests could take days or weeks to return results, but with their in-house testing center, results are available within hours. This swift turnaround is crucial for the immediate treatment of positive cases, thereby reducing the spread of syphilis.

Nunez has always been passionate about healthcare and highlighted the importance of taking charge of one’s sexual health through regular screenings. She and her team are also working to overcome barriers to testing and to make discussions about sexual health less taboo. By improving access to testing and encouraging open conversations with healthcare providers, Bliss Health aims to generate a significant impact in the fight against syphilis.

Bliss Health caters to insured and uninsured patients, ensuring everyone can access necessary care and testing. This initiative by Bliss Health and the dedication of healthcare professionals like Wendy Nunez represent a beacon of hope in controlling and eventually reducing the spread of syphilis in Central Florida.

Table of Contents