What Is BLISS Health?

BLISS Health is a sexual health clinic traditionally serving people of all ages in Central Florida, and throughout the United States. The team has more than 40 years of combined experience in the research and prevention of HIV and STDs, and works to ensure every patient enjoys an active healthy sex life - free of guilt, worry, or fear.

Sex is an important part of your overall health. Embracing your sexuality includes actively tending to your physical and emotional needs. BLISS understands the complexity of human sexuality, and with decades of expertise, the team at BLISS Health provides testing, treatment, prevention, and support for all of your sexual health needs, regardless of sexual orientation, gender, age, or health insurance status.

What We Do


Testing, treatment, and prevention of HIV and STDs.

On-site pharmacy

BLISS Scripts is an on-site pharmacy where you can pick up or refill medication.

Lab testing

We offer rapid testing for COVID-19, HIV, STDs, and the seasonal flu.

Care management

Patients can receive mental health services, lab testing, and more.

BLISS Mental health

Counseling and prescription medication can improve your quality of life.

Medical Research

We’re passionate about advancing treatment for HIV and STDs.

Our mission

At BLISS, we are dedicated to achieving our vision of a community and world that is free from diseases such as HIV, AIDS, hepatitis and STDs. Our goal is to achieve this vision by providing and improving medical care for patients while emphasizing prevention to patients at risk, and to coordinate and facilitate access to care and services through collaborations that reduce the financial burden to our patients.


BLISS CARES, a non-profit organization, believes that everyone should receive comprehensive sexual health care, regardless of their financial status. To achieve these goals, BLISS CARES developed programs to support individuals who are uninsured or underinsured.

The BLISS CARES Program helps patients access medical care, including preventive exams, prescription medication, and counseling. We can also provide support with insurance and linkage to other resources such as housing, food, dental care,d and transportation.