BLISS Research

Join The SOLUTION and give back to humanity by participating in a Clinical Research study!

Bliss Health partners with industry-leading pharmaceutical companies that sponsor clinical research trials. Individuals who participate in clinical studies have access to the latest pharmaceutical compounds that prevent and treat conditions like HIV, COVID, HPV, Hepatitis and more. Dr. Roberto Ortiz has investigated pharmaceutical products in Central Florida for 25 years, provisioning life-saving treatment to countless individuals while helping to move medical science forward. Breakthroughs in antiretroviral therapy (ART) for people living with HIV, for example, have led to pharmaceutical remedies that halt, or prevent, HIV within the body. HIV+ positive people on ART are unlikely to spread the virus to others and experience little to no reduction in the quality, or span, of their lives. Progress like this accumulates from the willingness and effort of individuals around the world who participate in clinical research trials. Join a study at Bliss Health and become The Solution for the cure.

How does medical research work?

No two clinical trials are exactly alike. Before research begins, we provide you with a list of instructions, including how frequently you need to visit the office. Participation in medical research often includes:

Some types of medical research require extended visit times. Our facility has exams rooms on-site prepared for extended visits for your comfort.

Does medical research provide compensation?

Most medical research studies offer compensation to participants. The amount you receive depends on various factors. If you have any questions, contact us.