Mental Health’s Role in Sexual Health

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Sexual health can be intertwined with mental health in several ways, and it’s important to address both aspects for overall well-being. Here are some ways in which sexual health and mental health can intersect:

Sex Positivity and Mental Health:

Sex positivity refers to a mindset that embraces and respects diverse sexual orientations, identities, and experiences. A sex positive approach can contribute to a better mental health by reducing shame and promoting open discussions about sexuality.

People often think about sex as something that happens in our bodies, but much of our sex life occurs in our brains. It is critical to understand that, for all genders, that our feelings and thoughts play a significant role in arousal and maintaining it.

Anxiety, depression, or other mental health problems can make it difficult to be relaxed enough to have or enjoy sex, overshadowing it with intrusive distractions or worries. When a person is extremely ill and struggling to function, sex is rarely on the mind. The conflict of mental illness, in its various forms, can harm a person’s self-esteem and make them feel undeserving of sexual attention.

Anxiety plays a significant role in developing sexual dysfunctions. It is crucial introducing sex into a clinical conversation creating the space for the person to bring up sexual health concerns, usually through open ended questions such as “Is there anything about your sexual health you’d like to discuss?”

Sexual Health/Wellness Consultation:

Behavioral health providers have a unique opportunity to delve deeper into the etiology of a patient’s concerns by uncovering sources of stress, shame, guilt, or fear attached to their sexuality or sexual behaviors.

Bliss Mental Health providers offer consultation and assessment of current mental health status including sexual health. In addition, Bliss Mental Health works collaboratively with Bliss Wellness Department to assess ways in which physical health may be impacting overall sexual health and wellness.

Mental Health

Many individuals experience mental health issues due to past trauma, difficulty with family, and medical challenges. To help you better cope, BLISS Health offers mental health services, including individuals, family, and group counseling, and prescription medication. 

What are Mental Health services?

Mental health services are designed to promote good emotional, psychological, and social well-being. The team at BLISS Health focuses on two areas, in particular:

Counseling is a goal-based, collaborative process that helps change the way you think, feel, and behave. At BLISS Health, we tailor counseling to everyone’s unique needs. The mental health professionals on staff are licensed and bilingual. They specialize in sexual health, trauma, and transgender issues.

Counseling isn’t always enough to ease uncomfortable symptoms caused by mental illness. Following a comprehensive psychological evaluation, our team collaborates with BLISS Health providers for medication management as necessary or refers you to a psychiatrist if you can benefit from specialized psychiatric care. If you are prescribed medication at BLISS Health, you fill and refill your prescription at the on-site pharmacy or via mail.

At BLISS Health, we work with adults and teenagers to address various issues, including anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, suicidal thoughts, anger management, relationship violence or physical abuse, alcohol or drug misuse, communication, relationship difficulties & cope with life altering events.

At BLISS Health, patients can request mental health services on their own, be referred for mental health services by a provider or be referred for mental health services by a Care Manager during an initial assessment or at periodic follow-up appointments.

Mental Health Team