HIV and STD Testing at BLISS Health: What to Expect at Your First Appointment.

If you’re sexually active, you’re at risk of contracting an STD, and at some point you might seek STD testing. We are here for you. The reality is that most people who have STDs aren’t aware of it, because they either have mild symptoms or have no symptoms at all. The CDC reports that there are roughly 20 million new STD infections annually in the US, and that as many as 161,800 people have HIV and don’t know it

At BLISS, we offer easy access STD testing, which includes preliminary laboratory testing to all of our new patients as well as treatment and prevention options during their first appointment. 

Types of STD and HIV Testing Available at BLISS Health

During your first appointment, we take blood samples in order to conduct a range of STD and HIV screening tests. Some of these tests will take 1 to 2 weeks before we have results. If you think you have been exposed to HIV, we will also conduct a rapid HIV test and viral load during your appointment. 

The types of STD screenings we perform here at BLISS Health include: 

  • HIV testing (rapid test and viral count)
  • Gonorrhea testing (oral swab, anal swab, and urine sample)
  • Syphilis testing–RPR (blood test)
  • GC/CT Neisseria Gonorrhoeae/Chlamydia Trachomatis testing
  • Hepatitis A, B, and C testing

The BLISS team understands the urgency that exists when someone presents with symptoms of an STD or believes they have been exposed. If you believe that you’ve been exposed to HIV or an STD, call us to see if you can come in for same-day testing. 

Why Should You Get Tested?

Getting tested is important for your health and the health of your partner. Some STDs (like syphilis) may not show any obvious symptoms and, if left unnoticed and untreated, can cause serious health complications, like infertility, cancer, and even death.

Most people seek an STD screening because someone they have been intimate with is diagnosed with an STD, has symptoms, or suspects that they may have symptoms. Regular STD testing allows your doctor to diagnose an STD early-on, start you on an appropriate treatment plan, and avoid long-term health complications related to the diagnosis. 

Treatment Protocols

When being tested for HIV, it’s important to understand that you may require multiple tests before your doctor can completely rule out that you have not been infected. A preliminary negative test result does not necessarily mean that you do not have HIV. This is because the virus may not be detected by laboratory tests for more than 3 months after your possible exposure date.

If you test negative for HIV, we recommend that you immediately start PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) medication to prevent HIV infection. If you test positive for HIV, we immediately get you started on an antiretroviral treatment regimen.

If you test positive for another STD, we immediately provide you with the appropriate treatment the same day. 

At BLISS Health, You’re In Good Hands

We understand that not everyone feels comfortable talking to their doctor about STDs. At BLISS Health, we specialize in providing all-inclusive judgment-free sexual health care. We’re on a mission to reduce and hopefully eliminate HIV and other STD infections. We also help sexually active people access HIV and STD treatment and prevention. 
To learn more about our services, click here. Or, if you’d like to schedule an appointment, register to become a patient. If you think you’ve been exposed to HIV or another STD, and would like to schedule a test, provide us your contact information and we will call you. Or, you can call us at (407) 203-5984.