At BLISS, we work hard every day to help everyone enjoy their sexuality free of stigma, fear, and disease. During our Orlando Pride, 2021, we want to use Aphrodite as an inspiration to remind us all the importance of taking good care our sexual health. BLISS provides specialized medical care for all things related to sexual health to anyone who walks through our doors. We aim to make it easier for anyone to receive the medical care they need, regardless of health insurance status.

Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of beauty, love — and yes, sex. Aphrodite, likely one of the most well-known goddesses in Western culture, is associated with pleasure, passion, beauty, and sexual empowerment.

Request a call by providing us your contact info and reason for the call and we will give you a call. You can also schedule an in-person visit or telemedicine call by registering on our patient portal. Get started today. The services we offer are:

•Same-day HIV testing and treatment, in our clinic or at your home ($39)*

•In-person or telemedicine visits with doctors and medical providers, nurses, and mental health counselors, all specialized in sexual health and HIV care

•STD screening and treatment, in our clinic or at your home ($39)*

•Same-day PEP and or PrEP prescriptions

•On-site pharmacy with home delivery of prescriptions

•Transgender medicine

•Clinical trials for HIV care

•Hepatitis access to treatment and screening

•Multidisciplinary to sexual dysfunctions

We have a team of professional phlebotomists and nurses ready to come to your home or  preferred place, to draw blood and other samples for the lab tests you want done. Then, our medical team follows up with telemedicine call if needed. It is the most convenient way to get tested, see a doctor, get a prescription, and take care of your sexual health without leaving your house.